About Us

At the time Pinto Service Inc. was established in 1960, the waste handling industry was significantly different from today. Having learned the importance of properly handling waste materials, waste management has become perhaps one of the most complex issues facing businesses of every size. According to statistics, the issue will become even more complex in the years to come.


Now in the Twenty-first century, our communities are becoming more conscious of the rapid depletion of the world's non-renewable resources and the fragile state of this environment. At Pinto Service, we are providing essential links in the chain of effective and efficient waste handling.


Companies have come to appreciate Pinto's commitment to the highest quality in customer service. As a family owned company, we've learned first hand that communication is vital.


Listening to our customers needs and responding with fast, cost effective solutions is what we do best. Pinto's team of professionals is available to assist you upon request.


  • “Pinto Services Inc, has unbelievable service and customer satisfaction. I would recommend them to anyone”Sam Kromstain
  • “The professional staff at Pinto were excellent in helping design a waste management system that saved us time and money”Alan Smith
  • “We have recommended you to all the local businesses. Your service is excellent”John Franklin